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The Swedish implementation of the IPRED

The IPRED (Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive) Directive was implemented in the Swedish legal system on the 25th of February 2009 through amendments to existing intellectual property (IP) laws. A couple of publishing companies filed the first court case based on the changes made to the legislations to the Solna District Court on the 1st of April. The court reached a verdict whereby the defendant (an Internet Service Provider) was to release the contact details of a customer to the plaintiff. The defendant made an appeal against the decision on the 15th of June.

In a couple of posts to come, I will provide an English summary of the different parties claims and the decision of the District Court. Before that, however, I feel that there is a need to provide an overview of the Swedish implementation of the Directive, and in particular section 53c in the law about IP rights which is the key section around which the whole case is built.

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Counting our blessings – the trick to happy thoughts

Ask any person about their problems and you will hear a long list of challenges and things that are bothering them at the moment. Ask them for their life?s story and you will hear all the difficulties they had to face. But why is that? Why do we always focus on all the bad things that have happened to us? Why do we define ourselves as a collection of tragedies?

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Tutorial on adding adverts to WordPress without plugins – Part 1

There are quite a few plugins available for WordPress that allow admins to display adverts on their WordPress site but most of them are quite difficult to understand how to use and rather limited in where they allow you to place adverts. Luckily, with the built in theme editor in WordPress you can easily add the code for an advert inside the template yourself without any plugins. Here is a tutorial on how to do that. The first part of the tutorial will only deal with how to add adverts to the first/index page of your blog. (NOTE – this is not for people having their blog on but for those who run their blog from their own domain or a web host.)

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