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Keep track of those 404 errors

I recently noticed in my sats that a bunch of the 404 errors that were logged were most likely hacking attempts.  So, since I didn’t want to keep going back to logs to figure out who did what, I threw together a little code that can be inserted into any html file that is stored on a host that supports php.  The code provides a warning for the person trying to access a file that does not exist, and it also sends an e-mail to me when such a thing happens.

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Tutorial on adding adverts to WordPress without plugins – Part 1

There are quite a few plugins available for WordPress that allow admins to display adverts on their WordPress site but most of them are quite difficult to understand how to use and rather limited in where they allow you to place adverts. Luckily, with the built in theme editor in WordPress you can easily add the code for an advert inside the template yourself without any plugins. Here is a tutorial on how to do that. The first part of the tutorial will only deal with how to add adverts to the first/index page of your blog. (NOTE – this is not for people having their blog on wordpress.com but for those who run their blog from their own domain or a web host.)

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