Fix the Damage

Now, that you have limited the hackers from accessing your other accounts, you can focus on actually trying to rescue your hacked account(s).

If your e-mail account was hacked then any “ordinary” resetting of the password will very likely not work, since the online services would just send the reset passwords to your hacked e-mail account which you don’t have access to. In this case, you must try to use the alternative methods of password resetting. This differs for all service providers but usually includes processes such as the validation questions described previously.

Twitter actually provides direct links to password recovery pages to the most popular online service providers (click here or continue reading)


Information on how to reset passwords for a couple of common online services:

Google accounts/Gmail/Google+/GoogleDocs/Anything Google related:


Yahoo! Mail

Windows Live Hotmail




Please note that since most services change their settings and methodology on a constant basis the password resetting information here may be out of date. In that case – Google is your friend!

If nothing else works – try to contact the admins and plead on your knees.


Next up – preventing this from happening in the future

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