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Server Error 500, Tikiwiki 6.1 and XAMPP Lite 1.7.3

Synopsis: Getting Server Error 500’s trying to install Tikiwiki 6.1 on a Vista machine using XAMPP Lite 1.7.3

Specifics: The Tiki installer launch and I could enter all details about the database but when i clicked on the blue Install button I ended up with a Server Error 500.

Solution: Remove the .htaccess file from the folder containing the Tikiwiki code (e.i: c:/xamplite/htdocs/tiki-[version]/.htaccess)

Issues: You may need to put the .htaccess file back after the installation for security and functionality reasons – haven’t tried this though.

Keep track of those 404 errors

I recently noticed in my sats that a bunch of the 404 errors that were logged were most likely hacking attempts.  So, since I didn’t want to keep going back to logs to figure out who did what, I threw together a little code that can be inserted into any html file that is stored on a host that supports php.  The code provides a warning for the person trying to access a file that does not exist, and it also sends an e-mail to me when such a thing happens.

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