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Terrorist Threats

France 24 and Reuters recently ran two terrorism related articles. France 24’s article is called: “Seven suspected Islamists arrested in Paris” and Reuters “Bomb attacks double in Northern Ireland“.

Let’s compare the two:

1. France 24, uses the word “Islamist” as synonym for terrorist and militant. Reuter refers to the “Real IRA” as a “Dissident group” yet arrests are made under the Terrorism Act.

2. What do the articles mention as consequences of terrorism? France 24: “Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, has kidnapped several French citizens in recent years, some of whom have been ransomed and some killed. Four nuclear workers are still being held. … On April 28 bombers attacked a popular tourist cafe in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, killing 17 people including eight French tourists”. Reuters: “99 viable bombs either exploded or were defused by army experts in the year to the end of March, compared with 50 a year ago. … At the beginning of April, a car bomb killed a 25 year-old Catholic constable. … [he] was the second Catholic officer to be murdered in two years, several more have been severely wounded or had narrow escapes. … As well as bombings there were 72 shooting incidents, 33 casualties resulting from paramilitary style shootings and 81 paramilitary style assaults.”

3. What about the arrests? France: “Six suspects were detained on Monday but the main target of the operation, an Indian national who recently arrived from Algeria, was taken on Tuesday”. Ireland: “Thursday’s police figures show that 188 people were arrested under the Terrorism Act, compared with 169 the year before. Those charged rose to 40 from 36. ”

So, which group of terrorists is more of a threat?