First Things First

The Right Frame of Mind

OK, first things first. At a first aid course, a doctor responding to emergency calls in ambulances, taught me that the first thing you need to do in any emergency situation is to stop and breathe for ten seconds. So that is where we will start. Take ten deep breaths so that you can go from panic mode to rational, problem solving mode.

I’m serious! BREATHE!

The second step, obvious as it may sound, is to make sure your account has really been hacked/hijacked/compromised! With a clear head, try logging into your account – again. Make sure that you try with the right password for that specific account. To make sure that there is nothing wrong with the keyboard (Caps-lock & Num-lock issues happen more often than you’d think), try typing the password in the User Name field so you can verify that what you type is correct.

Chances are that your problem has not solved itself. ┬áSo, please continue to the next section – Immediate Response