Tutorial on adding adverts to WordPress without plugins – Part 2

Following the last tutorial here is part two on how to embed adverts into your WordPress template code. This time I focus on where to put in the advert code on the page showing a single blog-posts.

Still using iNove and the same steps as in the previous post, you now have the option of adding adverts to the code that can be found in the template page, single.php. So, open the Appearance section in the admin interface and select edit. On the right hand side select the file single.php. If you don’t get the save changes button below the editor then you need to change the privileges to the file using your FTP program.

Once you have the code in front of you look at the pictures below, the show in which positions you easily can insert an advertisement on the single-post page. Unlike the index page, only one blog is shown on the single-post page and so all the positions are static and will be the same for all your posts.

    The positions on the page

    adverttuorial II - 1

    Position 1-3 can be found at the top of the post.

    Position 1 is below the main menu and above the breadcrumbs showing the post’s position.
    Postion 2 is below the breadcrumbs but still above the title.
    Postion 3 is below the title and the funky options below it.

    adverttuorial II - 2

    Positions 4-6 can be found at the end of the post.

    Position 4 is above the tags.
    Postion 5 is below the tags but above the comments.
    Position 6 is the last thing on the page before the footer with the copyright info.

      The positions in the code

      Now, moving onto finding the positions in the code. The below pictures show where you can find the above shown positions in the code itself in the file single.php

      adverttuorial II - 3

      adverttuorial II - 4

      adverttuorial II - 5

      Of course once, you find a suitable place to put the advert, then simply copy paste the code into the single.php file at the position indicated above.

      Here is an example of how a resulting code may look like after a Google advert has been inserted into position 5.

      adverttuorial II - 6

      And of course the results you can see on this homepage at every blog-post.